Construction Service Guidelines

New Construction/Change of Service

For all new construction or existing construction in the YVEA system please call Emma Mortenson at 970-871-2242.

  • For existing construction in the YVEA system please have your service order number available.

  • All new construction requires the following documentation prior to a field service representative being assigned to an applicants project:

STEP 1: New Meter Electric Billing Info        STEP 2:New Construction/Change of Service Form

Pay YVEA Construction Fees 

Members have the option to pay their YVEA construction fees online, or by paying cash or check in person at our Steamboat or Craig locations. Please ensure you are selecting the correct fee to pay below. For any questions on which fee to pay, please call Emma Mortenson at 970-871-2242

Additional documentation that may be required for your application:

Commercial Load Data Form  Motor Load Form


Electric Service Requirements Manual:

YVEA's Electric Service Requirement Manual provides applicants, electricians and existing members with a guide to the expectations for new construction, temporary service and change of service in YVEA territory. The document should be referenced prior to submitting the New Construction/Change of Service Form. 

Electric Service Requirements Manual

Engineering Design:

YVEA provides a Maximum Available Fault Current Table that satisfies the requirements of the 2017 NEC, Section 110.24.  Please reference this table for all engineering design requirements.  This table uses the “Infinite Bus” method for calculations with impedances determined by the mean value of YVEA equipment in inventory.  These values may be used to determine a conservative AIC rating for service equipment.  YVEA does not recommend or condone using this value for any other electrical purpose, including arc flash analysis.  Injury to personnel, including death, and damage to equipment may result.  The data is for standard back configurations only, non-standard configuration fault data may be requested through YVEA Engineering. 

Maximum Available Fault Current Table

Arc Flash Analysis:

Members may request fault current data to be used for arc flash analysis from YVEA Engineering, which may be subject to an Engineering fee. Analysis required a fault current study to be performed by YVEA Engineering. The data provided from this request is only valid for the system that existed at the time of analysis and during normal system conditions. The user acknowledges, by acceptance of the data, that the data may change depending on system condition, future construction and changes to the members service. YVEA does not assume any responsibility for events resulting from the use of this data by the member or any agent of the member. 

Distributed Generation Interconnection:

New and existing installations that will be installing Renewable Energy and/or parallel net metered generators require additional documentation to be submitted to YVEA. Please see the YVEA Renewable Energy Interconnection web page for documents required.

Standby Generator Interconnection:

YVEA has a new Standby Generator Program which can be found at:

If a member wishes to install their own stand-by generator a permit must be acquired from the county.  All installations must meet NEC Article 705 and additional YVEA requirements including the installation of a UL Listed break-before-make automatic transfer switch.  An additional service entrance disconnect that is visible, accessible and lockable is recommended.  The member must provide YVEA with a copy of the electrical permit and inspection and must notify YVEA of the generator size for our records.

Standby Generator One-line

Joint Use Applications:

All new requests for joint use attachments require a Joint Use Application to be submitted and the appropriate fee paid prior to any work being performed on the project.  If the joint use customer does not have a YVEA Joint Use License Agreement then they must request an agreement from YVEA Engineering.  The schedule of fee’s for joint use can be found below:

Joint Use Application         Joint Use Schedule of Fees

New Meter Electric Billing Info

New Meter Electric Billing Info
Primary Account Holder
Service Address
Is your mailing address different than your service address?
Mailing Address
Would you like to add a spouse to your account?
Adding your spouse, or another individual, as a secondary account holder allows either person to be authorized to request information or make any changes on your account.
Spouse Information
Spouse Name
How would you like to receive your account information?
*All voting material for annual elections will be sent by mail to the address on file.
Bank Information
Account Type
I authorize Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA) to process entries to my financial account in the amount of my current monthly electric billing obligation. This authority will remain in effect until written notice is given by either party to terminate the authorization. Notification of cancellation shall be effective upon receipt of the written notice. 
I agree that YVEA is authorized to delete and change information regarding my financial institution after verification of my personal information. 
Should an erroneous debit be made to my account, I authorize YVEA and my financial institution to stop payment, reverse the entry, or make any adjustment necessary to my account to correct the erroneous entry. A written notice explaining the changes will be sent to me by YVEA. I understand that YVEA may assess a fee of $35 if my financial institution dishonors the electronic transaction. 
Agree to participate in YVEA's Round-Up Program so that each monthly bill will be rounded up to the next dollar and the accumulated round-up funds will be given to YVEA's Caring Consumers Foundation dba/Operation RoundUp for distribution for charitable purposes. The average cost per year is $6.
Service Agreement
The Applicant agrees to be responsible for the electric charges at the location designated above until such time that the Applicant requests and receives discontinuance of service. It is agreed that all bills will be paid by the appropriate due date and failure to do so may result in discontinuance of service. This Application for Electric Service shall constitute a service contract between the Applicant and the Association, a grant of security interests in applicant's future capital credits, and the Applicant agrees to be bound by the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Association. The applicant agrees that any information contained in this request may be used to collect on a delinquent account. The Applicant also agrees to pay late fees (penalty interest) of 1.5% per month on all delinquent charges until paid in full, and agrees to promptly reimburse the Association for all collection costs and attorney's fees incurred by the Association to collect delinquent amounts owed on Applicant's account after default.
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