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Payment Information

YVEA offers many other payment options:



· 24 Hour Secure Pay-by-Phone – 970-871-2260

· Download the SmartHub app on your mobile device or pay online at


(Allow 1-2 business days for processing)

· Steamboat – US Highway 40 – (near deliver gate)

· Steamboat - Main Office – 2211 Elk River Road

· City Market in Steamboat

· Hayden Mercantile

U.S. MAIL: (Allow 3-7 business days for processing)

· 3715 E. U.S. Highway 40, Craig, CO 81626

· 2211 Elk River Road, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

If you should have any questions please call 970-879-1160.

Payment  Information

First, call your local YVEA office right away. Don’t disregard the delinquent message or those courtesy call(s) notifying you that your payment has not been received and service may be disconnected. You may have more options available to you before service is disconnected. Once a YVEA employee is dispatched to disconnect service for non-payment, the member must pay the bill-in-full, an estimated 90-day security deposit plus a $140.00 reconnect fee during normal work hours. The after-hours charge is a $330.00 re-connect fee, an estimated 90-day security deposit plus payment-in-full.

It is important that you maintain accurate phone and billing information on your YVEA account. Please contact either YVEA office to verify that your billing information is accurate.

Budget Billing
The budget bill plan is designed to provide you with eleven months of equal payments. YVEA will attempt to determine as closely as possible that the budget billing amount will come out even at the end of the twelfth month, which is referred to as the true up month.  Adverse weather conditions, rate adjustments, addition of new appliances or other factor may impact your true up month’s bill.  At your true up month, it is possible that your monthly budget amount may be recalculated based on your prior eleven months usage.  

Any residential member in good standing, who has had continuous electric service for twelve months with YVEA at any location, is eligible to participate. If you are new to the area, you will have to wait until you have twelve months of history with the Association to qualify. Your meter will continue to be read on a monthly basis. You will continue to receive a monthly bill, as you have in the past. The bill will reflect your current kilowatt-hour consumption and your correct billing amount. The only difference is your payment amount will be your budget billing amount.

To sign up for budget billing, contact YVEA by calling 970-879-1160.

Automatic Payment Plan
YVEA’s recurring bank draft or recurring credit card payment is convenient and simple -- no checks to write and no worries about late payments. Your account or credit card will be processed on the due date listed on your billing statement.

Payment Centers
YVEA has payment drop boxes located at both offices, one at the Craig City Market, Steamboat City Market and Hayden Merchantile.

List of Agencies Providing Financial Energy Assistance

        Lift-Up of Routt County                                    970-870-8804

        Colorado Low Income Energy Assistance       866-432-8435

        Routt County Human Services (LIEAP)          970-870-5533


        Community Budget Center - Karen                 970-824-7898

        Love Inc.                                                         970-826-4400

        Colorado Low Income Energy Assistance      866-432-8435

        Moffat County Human Services (LIEAP)        970-824-8282


        Snake River Community Church (Tony Mong) 307-383-2065

        Carbon County Counseling Center                 307-324-7156

        Wyoming LIEAP                                              800-246-4221

EAGLE COUNTY (Bond, Burns):

Vail Valley Salvation Army                              970-748-0704


Energy Outreach Colorado                            303-825-8750

Discover Goodwill                                          719-442-0007




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