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  •  Must have an active member account with YVEA to qualify for rebate
  • Application form must be completed and submitted within 120 days from purchase date
  • Rebate will be issued as a credit on your electric account. Please allow at least one billing cycle for credit to appear. 
  • A detailed receipt of your purchase must be uploaded below
Submission of this application does not guarantee a rebate.

Rebate Amounts
  • Snow Blower - Corded or Battery - 25% of Price up to $150
  • Lawn Mower - Corded or Battery - 25% of Price up to $150
  • Leaf Blower - Corded or Battery - 25% of Price up to $150
  • Trimmer - Corded or Battery - 25% of Price up to $150
  • Pruner - Corded or Battery 18 - 25% of Price up to $150
  • Chainsaw - Corded or Battery - 25% of Price up to $150
Rebate Type - Electric or Battery Powered Equipment
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Important Rebate Information
You must receive electric service from YVEA to qualify for rebates. Requests must be made within 120 days of purchase. Valid invoice/receipt is required with all applications. Submission of application does not guarantee rebate, which are first come, first served each year. All information must be included to process. $500 maximum rebate per electric customer annually. 
All rebates will be in the form of a bill credit applied to the next billing cycle of member's YVEA account.
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