Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA), GRID Alternatives Colorado (GRID) and the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) partnered to develop a community solar array is 100% dedicated to income qualified YVEA members. Members participating in this program will receive a bill "off set" from the energy produced by their portion of a community solar array

Who can qualify?

To qualify for this program, participants must pay their own electric bill to Yampa Valley Electric and their total household income must be at, or below, 80% of the area median income of their county. GRID generally used previous years’ tax returns as income verification.  This project is limited to Colorado residents because it is funded, in part, by the Colorado Energy Office.  

At this time GRID is no longer accepting applications.   

If you have any questions call or email Matt (at GRID Alternatives) anytime at (720) 943.5170 or mmcnearney@gridalternatives.org