What is Net-Metering?

Net metering is the accounting process that YVEA uses to bill for member solar. This process requires replacing the current meter with a new meter that is programmed to capture energy flowing from the YVEA distribution system to the member’s home and energy generated by the member’s solar that is flowing onto the YVEA distribution system.

Your bill will change once the net meter is installed. There will be three lines on your bill:

Net-Metering table

  • Small General Service is the energy that was received from YVEA during the billing period. Your bill may say Medium or Large General Service.
  • G/Excess Generation is the excess generation that was not used by the member that then went onto the YVEA distribution system to be consumed by your neighbors.
    Note: this value is not what the solar system generated during the month. This value represents the total solar generation minus the energy you consumed during periods of generation.
  • Net/usage After Banked KWH is the difference between Small General Service and G/Excess Generation.

During the summer months, your solar generation could produce more than you consume. In this scenario, YVEA allows you to “Bank” the energy for use during another month.

During winter months, your solar generation could produce less energy than you consume. In this scenario, YVEA will take energy from the “Bank”, if you have any, and reduce your Net/usage After Banked KWH to either 0 or the amount of energy you have in your “Bank”.

If you have energy in your “Bank” at the end of March, YVEA will pay you the current “Net Metering Rate Webpage” rate for each kWh in your “Bank.”