Payment Options

Debit/Credit or ACH Payments

  • 24-Hour Secure Pay-by-Phone: (970) 871-2260
  • Pay online or through our SmartHub app on a mobile device

SmartHub Information


  • Yampa Valley Electric Association members can choose easy and convenient ways to pay their bills through a mobile device or automatic deductions.
  • Visit the Set Up Your SmartHub Account page for more information.
  • The SmartHub program enables you to view your information from practically anywhere, anytime. A nice feature of the system is the availability of a FREE “app” you can download through the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  • Through SmartHub there are opportunities to report outages, communicate with YVEA staff, view usage history, and pay bills.

Mailing & Dropbox

(Allow 3 to 7 business days for processing)

Mail Payments To

2211 Elk River Road,
Steamboat Springs,
CO 80487

Drop Box Locations

**Craig members can make cash payments at the City Market customer service desk and check payments using our drop box already located there. For your convenience, the service desk will also have connect/disconnect service forms. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing payments made at the City Market location.

Budget Billing

  • Many people like to know, within a few dollars, what their electricity bill will run each month in order to keep within their budget.
  • Budget Billing is a way to even out your monthly payments in order to avoid those high spikes that can sometimes occur during peak usage months.
  • We take the current 12 months’ history at your service location and round to the next highest 5-dollar increment.
  • You then pay the same monthly amount going forward.
  • The account is reviewed after 6 months to ensure there haven’t been any significant increases or decreases in usage; the monthly amount is updated if necessary.
  • The payment amount is then paid for an additional 5 months with the 6 months being the clearing month (the account is trued up).
  • Your average is again recalculated as it was a year ago and you start the process again.

Sign Up for Budget Billing

If you are interested in Budget Billing, call us at (970) 879-1160 or email us.

Budget Billing Eligibility

  • To be eligible for Budget Billing, you must have had residential service at your location for one year or more. Additionally, your account must be current and in satisfactory credit rating.
  • Budget accounts are reviewed every six months. If your average use has increased or decreased by 10 percent or more, you are notified and are given the option of increasing or decreasing the budget amount, depending on which direction it needs to go.
  • If the Member becomes delinquent on the Budget Billing Plan, the Member shall be required to pay the balance due in full immediately and be eliminated from the program.
  • Contact us at (970) 879-1160 if you wish to discontinue Budget Billing or if you have made any changes in your electricity usage.

Third-Party Notification

  • Third-Party Notification is a service that gives YVEA members the opportunity to designate a third party to whom notices of discontinuance of service for non-payment will be delivered.

Automatic Payment Plan

  • Many members prefer to have their monthly electricity bill automatically deducted from their bank account or charged to their credit card.
  • The process is easy to set up and is convenient.
  • Automatic Payment Authorization Form (PDF) Form must include a voided check if using a bank draft.

Financial Energy Assistance

Scam Alert!

  • You can be assured that you will never get a phone call from YVEA asking to make a payment over the phone to avoid disruption of service. You will however receive a courtesy call if you have a past-due balance.
  • If you call in to make a payment, we must send you into our automated secure system and you must verify your account information in order to make a payment.
  • It is always good practice if you receive a phone call of this nature from any company calling to ask for payment, especially credit card information, that you ask for a phone number and tell them you will call them right back with your payment.
  • Please call Yampa Valley Electric at (970) 879-1160 if you have any questions.

Have Questions?

  • Call us at (970) 879-1160 for questions regarding starting or stopping services, deliveries, meetings with YVEA personnel, or regular vendor services.