Energy Hero Rebate Program



As of October 1st, 2022, YVEA will be unable to process any 2022 YVEA rebates. We have run out of allocated funds for the program. In 2023, we will be doing away with our rebate program for e-bikes and LED lightbulbs and adding heat pump water heaters, induction stoves and heat pump clothes dryers to our rebate program. If you made a qualified purchased on or prior to September 30th, you must submit that receipt within 120 days of purchase for us to pay out the rebate. This means that all purchases made prior to September 30th must be submitted on or before January 28th, 2023. If you made a purchase after October 1st for an item that would qualify under our updated 2023 program (please note the 2023 program will exclude ebikes and LED bulbs), you may hang on to those receipts and submit them starting on January 1st, 2023. We apologize for the short notice of running out of funds, but we are excited to see more members utilizing our rebate program!


YVEA Member information: You must receive electric service from YVEA to
qualify for rebates. Requests must be made within 120 days of purchase.
Valid invoice and receipt are required with application. Submission of applications does not guarantee

Rebates are on a first come, first serve basis, and will be honored until YVEA's allocated rebate money runs out.

All information must be included to process the application. $500 maximum rebate per electric member annually.

All rebates will be in the form of a bill credit applied to the next billing cycle of member's YVEA account.

Electric Water Heaters *Must be for fuel switching (gas to electric) or new construction

Rebate $200 or 50% whichever is less.

Must be a storage type heater (rebate not valid for on demand water heaters)

Must provide before and after photos

Must provide proof of purchase

Fuel Switching Electric Water Heater Rebate Form


Electric Oven/Ranges & Electric Clothes Dryers *Must be for fuel switching (gas to electric) or new construction

Electric Range/Oven $100 *Oven and stove top must both be electric.

Electric Dryer $100

Must provide before and after photos

Must provide proof of purchase

Fuel Switching Electric Oven/Range & Clothes Dryer Rebate Form 

Level II EV Charger Rebate

Level II EV Charger $250 

Must be WiFi capable

Must provide photo of installed charger

Must provide proof of purchase



Level II EV Charger Rebate Form

LED Lighting Rebates (ENDING IN 2022)

Up to $10/bulb for:

Interior Lighting and Fixtures

Exterior Lighting

LED Tube Lighting

LED Specialty & Pin Lighting 

(10 bulb max combined in all LED categories)

LED Rebate Form

Line Voltage Programmable Thermostats For Electric Heating & Heat Tape Timers

Line Voltage Programmable Electric Thermostats (electric heating only) up to $50 Rebate (limit 6), or price of thermostat, whichever is less.

Heat Tape Timer $100 Rebate, hardwired permanently installed by electrician (limit 4)

Heat Tape Timer (plug-in) $15 Rebate (limit 2)

Thermostat & Timer Rebate Form

Energy Assessment Rebate

$150 and up to 10 free LED bulbs

Energy Assessment rebate must be performed by a certified professional

Must provide the assessment report

Must provide the number of LED bulbs you received during the assessment

Energy Assessment Rebate Form

Electric Bicycles (ENDING IN 2022) *Retrofit Kits do not qualify for rebate

Rebate is for 25% of the purchase price

Up to $150 for rebate

Must provide proof of purchase

Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Rebate of 25% of purchase price, up to $150 per piece of equipment

Qualified products: Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower, Trimmer, Pruner, Chainsaw

Must provide proof of purchase

Snow Blower

Purchase of a corded or battery powered snow blower

Rebate of 25% of purchase price, up to $150

Must provide proof of purchase

Energy Smart Colorado Energy Audits

Energy Smart Colorado Energy Audits

Nonprofit Yampa Valley Sustainability Council works with local certified energy analysts to provide residential and commercial energy assessments in Routt and Moffat counties. Residential energy audits include a top-to-bottom energy efficiency review of a home with blower-door testing, infrared photography to show heat loss, energy savings recommendations, a combustion gas safety check and a professional written report with infrared images. Commercial energy assessments focus on energy savings reviews for small businesses and nonprofit organizations through an on-site review, written report and next-step recommendations.

For more information contact YVSC  at 970-871-9299.

Energy Smart Colorado Energy Audits