August Tip of the Month – Building Envelope

Why should I care about my home’s Building Envelope?

Understanding your home’s Building Envelope is critical to controlling your energy costs.

It is the physical barrier that separates the unconditioned space from the conditioned space of your home. This barrier needs to be resistant to hot and cold air, moisture, light, and noise.

A properly defined and insulated Building Envelope is critical for your comfort and your home's energy efficiency.

building envelope In today’s home building, we strive to “build it tight and ventilate it right”. This method helps prevent your home’s heating and cooling systems from fighting the exterior temperature. It also reduces the “drafty” feeling in your home and lowers the chance of mold or mildew growth. A “tight” Building Envelope, with a well-designed ventilation system uses less energy and gives better control over your home’s temperature, air quality, and humidity levels.

YVEA’s Energy Hero Program has a series of DIY resources on our website to help you identify and define your home’s unique Building Envelope. You can also call Mike Beyer at 970-879-1160 for more information.

The area inside the red dotted line represents the space that is conditioned. A well-insulated home should be air-sealed and have insulation around the exterior of all conditioned spaces.