February Tip of the Month – Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats Are Now Available for Line Voltage Electric Heating

Check out the Mysa smart thermostat to see how much you can save.

A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that automatically adjusts heating and cooling temperature settings in your home for optimal performance and savings.

  • Turn electric baseboard thermostats off or down when you leave home.
  • When you are home, keep your thermostat set as low as possible. Use a sweater or blanket to help you stay warm.
  • Closer curtains and blinds after the sun sets.
  • Set up vacation mode to lower your home's internal temperature when you are away for extended periods.
  • Do not heat rooms you are not actively using. Close the door and turn the thermostat off.

Visit the Rebates Webpage for more about smart thermostats and Energy Hero rebates on the programmable thermostats