Is YVEA doing anything to reduce its expenses to help alleviate the financial impacts on our members with these rate increases?

In 2023, YVEA began to search for a new power supplier, with the goal of bringing rate stability to our members while still providing safe and reliable power to your home and business. Our decision to transition to Guzman Energy to provide wholesale power was guided by the “Four Rs” – Rates, Reliability, Renewables and Relationships. We have listened to you, our members, and this agreement will ensure that we deliver reliable and affordable electricity that incorporates more renewable sources and helps us stabilize rates. While this is exciting news, there will be a lengthy transition period of approximately five years before we officially convert from our current wholesale provider Xcel Energy. We did not make this decision lightly. We invested thousands of hours evaluating and modeling this transition and concluded that this is the right decision to serve YVEA members and create a reliable energy future.