Other Reasons We Trim

  • Proper utility pruning reduces hazards resulting from falling trees and limbs, which can cause wires to break or sag to the ground and present a danger to motorists and pedestrians.
  • Overgrown trees or limbs near power lines pose a danger to unsuspecting children who could come in contact with a live line while climbing a tree.
  • Directional pruning allows us to train the tree to grow away from power lines by removing only the branches that come in contact with the wires. By selectively trimming the tree's branches, we can retain much of the tree's natural crown.
  • For certain species of trees, the preferred method of vegetation management would be a full removal. This decision is based on the growth cycle of the species.
  • To assure Cooperative members that unnecessary costs are not incurred because of damage or power losses due to poor right-of-way.