What is the difference between Level 1, 2 and 3 Processing?

  • Level 1 Processing is for certified inverter-based systems that do not exceed 25kW. Even when the proposed facility meets this criteria, there are other aspects of the system that may preclude it from Level 1 processing. Please see Section II of YVEA's Interconnection Policy for a description of such criteria. This is a fast-track process.
  • Level 2 (Fast-Track) Processing is for certified noninverter-based systems that do not exceed 25kW or that cannot be precluded from Level 2 processing due to the factors specified in Section III of YVEA's Interconnection Policy.
  • Level 3 Processing is for systems that do not meet the criteria specified for Level 1 or 2. A system study is required for all facilities processed under Level 3, with the cost borne by the Producer. See Section IV of YVEA's Interconnection Policy for more information about Level 3 Processing.