Member Solar FAQ

How Big Can I Build My Solar System?
  • The system size limits are set by the type of service the member now has or would qualify for with new construction.
  • Generators cannot exceed a nameplate of 10 KW for small general services and 25 KW for medium and large general services.
What Happens to My Solar System During a YVEA Power Outage?
  • During an outage, YVEA requires that member-owned solar systems shut down.
  • This is because they could pose a significant safety hazard to line crews troubleshooting outages and restoring power.
  • If the solar system is attached to a battery and has a YAMP-approved transfer switch, the battery may continue to provide power during an outage.
What Is Involved in the YVEA Final Inspection Process?
  • Once the installation is complete, the installer will contact YVEA and let us know that the system is ready for inspection. A member-signed (electronic or manual signature) Certificate of Completion will be sent to YVEA for signature.
  • The YVEA Approving Authority will coordinate a time and date to test the system to verify outage monitoring capability, the AC disconnect location and operation, the power production of the system, adequate signage, and any voltage rise on the system.
  • The net meter will be installed which will measure excess power production as well as consumption. A copy of the completed Certificate of Completion will be provided to the member or installer.